Education is the way,
Man is the Goal


(A.D. Gordon) 

The YOEL Program strives to enable young Ethiopian Israelis to participate in quality academic studies, with a view to achieving suitable employment and social mobility.  

The YOEL Program  

(Yotzei Ethiopia Le Academia Eichutit - Hebrew for:  Ethiopian immigrants for Quality Academia)


The YOEL Program strives to enable young Ethiopian Israelis to participate in quality academic studies, with a view to achieving suitable employment and social mobility.  


The YOEL program operates under the auspices of the Chiburim Association. Chiburim, a registered non-profit association, strongly believes in the power of education to advance social and economic mobility in underprivileged populations, thus affording the members of these populations the opportunity for  significant change.


The YOEL Program is targeted towards young men and women of Ethiopian descent, after military or national service, who are interested in furthering their education.  YOEL participants are ambitious, highly motivated and willing to invest time and effort in achieving their goals.


The YOEL Program was founded  in 2009 and is  volunteers  driven at all levels.  The program is funded solely by private donations.

Did you know?


  • The percentage of Ethiopian origin students is half compared to the percentage of students in Jewish society.

  • Ethiopian Israelis experience difficulties in meeting the entrance requirements for higher  educaation institutions.

  • The information about academic studies and employment is not accessible enough in the community.

  • Ethiopian origin academics encounter barriers in finding suitable employment.

  • The academic preparatory programs are the solution,  providing a second chance  to  study in academic institutions.

  • However, the success rate of Ethiopian Israeli students in the academic preparatory programs is low.

  • YOEL Program’s goal is to assist Israelis of Ethiopian descent to succeed in the academic preparatory programs and in quality academic studies.

Yoel areas of assistance:


  • Scholarships for dormitory accommodation during the program.

  • Individual tutoring and academic support

  • Individual mentoring

  • Weekly group activities and workshops to empower, improve skills and enhance knowledge.

Our achievements

200  YOEL Graduates
140  Went on to study
in accredited academic institutions


120 Volunteers who provide support, tutoring, mentoring and more to the students 


500 young Ethiopian Israelis every year acwuire information about available education opportunities from Yoel facebook and stuff.

A letter from A YOEL Graduate:

“YOEL was a steppingstone for me to achieve my potential. The program supported and encouraged me, and was there for me when lessons were hard, and when all was going well too.

The YOEL program allowed me to focus completely on my studies. How? Because I knew there was someone next to me who had broad shoulders for me to lean on,  and there was someone behind me, pushing, helping, and not giving up on me... This someone’s only goal was to see me succeed!!!”

Havtam Gete


The Chiburim Association is headed by Ms. Rony Mohar, and its main partners are:


  • Bar Ilan University academic preparatory program

  • The Joseph and Christina Kasierer Foundation

Volunteers and Contributions

120 volunteers take part  in the Yoel Program.

Their activities include:

  • Weekly personal reinforcements.

  • Mentoring – advising and preparing the students for an academic degree.

  • Lectures, and workshops to enrich and expand the students’ knowledge.

  • Weekly meetings of the management team

The personal ongoing one-on-one encounters between our students and our volunteers creates a deeper acquaintance between the parties, and also leads to a reciprocal change in perspectives.

The financial value of the Yoel volunteers' work is equal  to the  funds raised by Chiburim Association each year. Therefor the actual scope of the Yoel Program is double of its fiscal budget .